Concussion Toolbox

Add more concussion tracking tools to your SportsWare subscription with the Concussion Toolbox subscription add-on.

Concussion Toolbox screen grab

With new research data being discovered about concussions and their long-term effects on the brain, it’s more critical than ever for institutions to ensure they have a comprehensive concussion management system in place. SportsWareOnLine’s Concussion Toolbox brings Symptom Evaluation, Neurocognitive Testing, objective Balance Assessments, and full reporting together in one easy-to-use screen. Whether you’re performing baseline concussion testing or documenting an athletic concussion that occurred during the season, the Concussion Toolbox add-on module has you covered.

Tools included:

  • mBESS
  • Symptoms
  • CRT5
  • SCAT5
  • VOMS

Pricing is for a site-wide license and is not based upon the number of users on your SportsWare account. Reach out today to get pricing information for your organization’s needs.


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