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Professional medical record keeping is no longer an option for the athletic trainer — it’s a requirement. Accurate and up-to-date records allow the athletic trainer to provide better treatment, communicate with others in a timely fashion, implement injury prevention programs based on objective data, justify their services, and protect themselves against care-related lawsuits. With the low cost and accessibility of technology, there is no reason why every athletic trainer is not running an electronic medical records (EMR) program. Since 1991, the program of choice is SportsWare – so whether you’re an athletic trainer at a high school, college, university or in an industrial setting – get in touch with us today for your demo or quote.

SportsWare EMR for Athletic Trainers
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The Coach’s portal gives the Athletic Trainer the option of granting coaches access to player emergency contact & status information. In addition, coaches can schedule meetings with the ATC. The Coach’s portal saves the Athletic Trainer time by eliminating the preparation and delivery of emergency contact and player status reports to coaches. Coaches will also benefit by having the information in the palm of their hands when they need it – without going through the Athletic Trainer.

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Why use an EMR (electronic medical record) program?

EMR software makes it easy to keep important records in one place that is easily accessible from any device with internet access. No more shuffling through piles of paperwork within filing cabinets or preparing a folder of information for coaches on game day.

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Studies Have Shown

Using an EMR to its full capacity allows ATs to collect meaningful data at the point of care, conduct practice-based research, and improve health care for the patient and clinician.

Research at the Point of Care: Using Electronic Medical Record Systems to Generate Clinically Meaningful Evidence

Journal of Athletic Training

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