SportWareOnline Telehealth

SPORTSWAREONLINE helps you take control of your paperwork.

SPORTSWAREONLINE TELEHEALTH helps you take control of your communications.

Via your phone, tablet, or PC securely communicate with colleagues, athletes, parents, and physicians. All from within SPORTSWAREONLINE.


  • * Athletic Trainers consult with Athletes, Parents and others while ensuring privacy and security of their contact information.
  • * Group Chats (text or video) with athletes, parents, coaches, physicians etc. promote accountability and facilitate collaboration while ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • * Athletic Trainers can conveniently and immediately extend their services to their athletes, whether in the next room, on the practice field, or hundreds of miles away at an event. 
  • * Text chats are securely saved in SPORTSWAREONLINE for future reference.
  • * Ensure HIPAA Compliant communications. 
1: To start a Chat (text or video) from
your phone select Chat icon at the bottom
of your phone.
2: A list of previous conversations,
if any, are listed. To start a new Chat press +.
3: An Athlete list will appear.
4: Select the desired athlete (s) and press
Select Participates.
5: Select all athletic trainers,
physicians or parent you want
to include in the Chat.
Press Start Conversation to open the Chat.
6: Invitees with the SPORTWAREONLINE app
on their phone will receive a pop-up notification.
Desktop (web browser) users will only
see a notice if
is open on the computer.
7: The Athlete name is used as the default
Chat title. This can be changed.
8: To up Chat Text to Chat Video Select
the Camera Icon.
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