Insurance Verification

Save time verifying your athletes’ insurance coverage with our Insurance Verification Module.

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sportsware's insurance verification module

Are my athletes insured? This is a question asked all the time because the cost of being wrong is so high. Do you spend hours verifying insurance coverages on your athletes? After all that work do you still receive unexpected bills when you send an athlete for an MRI because their insurance had lapsed, or they did not have coverage? If you have these, or other issues related to insurance verification, SportsWareOnLine’s new insurance verification module is your solution.

How it Works

When entering their demographic data, the athlete selects their insurance provider, policy holder name, policy number, and group number. SportsWare then automatically verifies coverage on a monthly or on-demand basis, confirming that the student has insurance in-place that covers your designated provider. The information is presented in an easy to use report which highlights athletes with coverage gaps, so you know where things stand before sending an athlete out for treatment


With SportsWareOnLine’s insurance verification module, you purchase credits in blocks for the number of athletes for whom you need to verify coverage. You then assign coverage verification to your athletes and SportsWare begins the monthly verification process. Blocks are available in the following increments: 250, 500, 750.

What If I Need To Check An Athlete Today?

Each athlete that is enrolled in the program automatically receives 12 monthly verifications. If you need to perform an “on-demand” verification, simply select the athlete and click the VERIFY NOW button. SportsWare will then run the athlete’s next scheduled insurance verification.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact our sales team for more information and to get started verifying your athletes’ insurance coverage!

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