The Travel Report includes a summary of emergency contact and medical information collected for each athlete on a team. This is the perfect packet to give to a coach before any games.

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Injury Statistics

If your goal is to identify injury trends, this report is your solution. In seconds, SportsWareOnLine will compile and sort injury totals for your review. Not exactly what you were looking for? Then you can use the custom report generator to add more variables to the search such as location, protection equipment, or mechanism.

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Daily Injury Log

The Daily Injury Log provides a list of all the injuries recorded for a specific time frame. Using the date filter, you can adjust the time range from one day to many years.

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Outstanding Items

Are you tired of lending medical aids to athletes and never getting them back? Help put a stop to it by recording the equipment you lend out within the Sign-Out Module. Then you can get a summary of the outstanding equipment in seconds using this report..

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CPT Billing

Need to see the total value of all the treatments you have provided this season? Our standard CPT Billing report can show you a list of all the treatments each ATC has performed over whatever time period you select.

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With over 130 standard reports built into SportsWare, your reporting needs are sure to be met. However, if you have very particular needs our Customer Report and Spreadsheet (Excel) Report builder tools will be your savior.

These tools allow a user to build a custom report using almost all of the input fields within the SportsWare system. After spending time building a new report, you can save it so the next time you need to run it, it only takes a few seconds!

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